Clearworld is a family owned cleaning company that has been servicing the cleaning requirements of Melbourne residents, businesses and corporations for over 12 years.

For the last twelve years, Clearworld have been effectively serving the cleaning requirements of residents, businesses and corporations in the Melbourne region. We have experienced strong, steady and continual growth from the beginning, and we continue to do so every day. We pride ourselves in developing positive, long term relationships with so many of our clients, and as a result, we are proud to say we work with some of the largest companies and businesses in the Melbourne region.

So, what is our Clearworld mission? Our mission is simple, but important. Our client’s satisfaction is our number one priority, as we aim to constantly exceed client expectations. We believe that by building honest and strong relationships with our clients, we can effectively communicate and serve them better every day



This is our consistency in our actions, methods, measures, principles, expectations and outcomes. We are an honest and open company, and we value maintaining our strong ethics and equal employment. We firmly believe in fairness and trustworthiness in all aspects of our work, and as a result, we have a strong team that are dedicated to working together equally to provide you with amazing service.


Being open and honest about or business and our actions means we communicate openly with our internal and external stakeholders.


Our team all have different expertise and different ways of thinking, and we use this to our advantage. Having a variety of ideas enables us to choose the best option for each task, and use the same skills to solve any problems that we face.


Here at Clearworld we make sure we bring the right people with the correct experience to the task at hand. We have an obligation and a commitment to providing all our clients with an amazing standard of cleaning.


There is a large pool of clients that are relying on us here at Clearworld. We have a duty of care to meet their expectations and to serve our clients to the upmost of our ability. Our clients can rely on us 24/7 and we pride ourselves on that.


We make sure that every task and every interaction is followed through in a professional manner, and that we treat our clients and staff with the respect that they deserve.


All our staff bring different experiences and knowledge to the table. We combine all our strengths together to be as efficient as we can be. Our knowledge along with our action-orientated approach makes us truly competent.


We are an unbiased company and strongly believe in an equal approach to our work. We always make sure we have all the information in front of us and consider multiple points of view before taking any action.


  • Chanaka (Sam) Kahandawala
    Chanaka (Sam) Kahandawala Director

    With over twelve years’ experience in the cleaning industry, Sam is one of our most valuable staff members here at Clearworld. He has built the company up to be one of the most successful, well known cleaning companies in the Melbourne region. His professional cricket career reflects on the work ethic he brings to his role at Clearworld; strong interpersonal skills, reliable nature, trustworthiness and an excellent team player. He is dedicated to his work, and is always available and willing to help both staff and clients 24/7.

  • Liz Kahn
    Liz Kahn Senior Development Manager

    Liz is one of the first points of contact our clients will have with Clearworld. She is the friendly face that welcomes new clients on board, and ensures the process is as smooth as it can possibly be. After years spent in administration, Liz is now a very successful development manager, and is thriving in a role where she is interacting with people face to face every day. Her skills from administration, combined with her terrific ability to communicate well with a variety of people, makes her an exceptional team member here at Clearworld.

  • Andrew Winscott
    Andrew Winscott State Operations Manager

    Andrew is one of our newest team members here at Clearworld. Due to a rapid incline in the amount of clients and areas we now cover, we needed a strong person to oversee everything as we progress even more in the Melbourne region, and furthermore the Victorian region. Andrew is dedicated to his role and values the importance of quality procedures to progress Clearworld throughout the state.

  • John Wilkins
    John Wilkins Senior Supervisor

    John is one of our highly respected supervisors at Clearworld. He makes sure all our clients remain immensely happy with our services, and that all other supervisors follow protocol, our company policies, and approaches. Additionally, he follows up with our monthly cleaning reports and random checks throughout the month. John has a Bachelor of Business Degree, and has the knowledge and skills required to sufficiently work with a wide variety of clients in many different aspects and areas.

  • Sarah Scheder
    Sarah Scheder Office Manager

    Sarah is the friendly and familiar face that holds the fort down at our offices in Melbourne. Having worked in the service industry for many years of her working life. Sarah has exceptional people skills and has a strong ability to multitask efficiently, ensuring that communication with our clients and with our staff runs smoothly.


  • Amali Kahandawala
    Amali Kahandawala Accounts Manager

    Amali is Clearworld’s behind the scenes team member that makes sure the business runs is always running smoothly. She is always up to date with all payments and ensuring that every expense is dealt with instantly and properly. Amali knows the company and the industry inside out, and is the strong force that keeps everything at Clearworld in control.


Clearworld Cleaning Services is more than just a company, we are also a valued part of the community. Whenever possible we involve ourselves and contribute to the community.

This year Clearworld have donated significant amounts of money to the McGrath Foundation, supporting individuals and families experiencing the effects breast cancer.

Clearworld have also supported many families in need and helped get their lives back on track. In recent years, Chanaka (Sam) has personally donated money to help families dealing with health issues, or who are struggling financially. We strongly believe that doing good by the community is very important, and believe in everybody having equal opportunity no matter the circumstances upon them.

Additionally, multiple donations are annually given by Clearworld to local cricket clubs all around the Melbourne region. We always want to support and contribute to the community that we ourselves are a part of.

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  • David and his company (Clearworld Cleaning Services) have been cleaning our gym for over 10 years and during this time they have been the easiest cleaning company to deal with. Nothing is an issue with David and he is happy to help and fix anything that we ask of him and his employees. The quality of their work is very consistent and we, and our customers, are extremely pleased with the cleanliness with which our gym is maintained.

    Chris JETS , Manager
  • Clearworld Cleaning Services has been working for us over 5 years. Once you hire Clearworld Cleaning Services, you will have no more headaches related to cleaning.

    Andrew Target Australia, Store Manager
  • Can you please pass on my appreciation to your team for such a great job done. It is a huge relief for me to not have had a single complaint since your team came on board, and I would like them to know their work does not go un-noticed. Thanks again!!

    Elise Meson ANZ Bank, Manager
  • The team at Clearworld Cleaning cater for all our cleaning and home detailing needs. Never a problem they can’t solve with their quick efficient service. I can recommend Clearworld for any task big or small! Thanks Clearworld!”

    Kris SLR Concepts
  • Well a few months ago when I needed a great cleaning crew these guys were it. They came to my house at the last minute and did a professional job which amazed me that something so grand could be done at the last minute especially through a busy time like Christmas. I not only was impressed with their job but their mannerism, professional approach and the fact that they just turned up on time... So thank you to the Clearworld cleaning crew you have made me able to manage my cleaning but when those big spring cleans are an issue you will definitely get a call from me!!!!

    Ashleigh Owner, Ringwood
  • Thank you very much for the cleaning job you did on my property in Narre South. Your service was outstanding and given the short notice, you managed to get my house sparkly in time for the tenants to move in. Your work has been greatly appreciated.

    Maggie Owner, Oakleigh
  • Since Partnering with Clearworld the presentation of the Coombe Yarra Valley property has improved significantly. The attention to detail of the team ensures that no items are missed and anything found during the monthly inspections is attended to quickly without any issue. Based on my experience i am certainly pleased we changed cleaning contractors to Clearworld.

    Grant Cummin Coombe Yarra Valley / Executive Director
  • We changed our cleaning company to Clearworld Cleaning Services earlier this year and have been impressed by the level of pride and service provided to us. Inspections of the workplace area happen regularly and if there are any concerns they are dealt with straight away. Clearworld offer a total package of cleaning services which gives us peace of mind.

    Louise Murphy Millar Merrigan / Admin/HR Officer
  • We contacted Clearworld to get our Windows done and they did an amazing job. You won’t go wrong with them.

    Patricia Warrandyte South
  • Clearworld did our Carpet steam cleaning and it was a fantastic experience as they managed to remove most of the stains and the carpet looked brilliant after the service.

    Nathan Kilsyth
  • Clearworld Cleaning Services did a Spring Clean for me and I was very impressed with their work. A job well done!

    Kevin Dance Ringwood
  • Extremely Happy. This is the cleanest this place has ever been…!!!! Please pass on our thanks to your team who are responsible.

    Derrim Porter Teco Australia Pty Ltd / Regional Manager
  • Please send our thanks to your technician, he did really good job on our windows.He was thorough and checked his work. I will happily recommend your service to my friends and family!!!!

    Anne Pearson Owner, Vermont
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