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Cleaning areas affected by COVID-19 are second nature to us.
We remain active in following all relevant safety guidelines, as set out by the Australian Department of Health, as we are quick responders to any threat situation – maintaining the highest-grade health outcomes for your business and clients. Our professionally trained cleaners will clean, disinfect, and dispose of all contaminated materials so you can move forward in a safer environment.

For quality assurance, Clearworld Cleaning Services will offer an Official Department of Health and Human Services Covid-19 Deep Cleaning Certificate of Completion, together with safe work method statement, working procedures, and before & after photos.

Clearworld Cleaning Services can provide all COVID 19 Cleaning needs:

REACTIVE CLEANING (Decontamination Cleaning)

For buildings that have suspected or confirmed exposure to Covid-19,

We follow a five-step approach:

1. Exposure Site Risk Assessment

We determine that the area is safe for our team to work in and identify exposure levels in each area to focus our efforts where it is needed most.

2. Pre-Disinfection

Any visible contamination will be effectively removed prior to disinfecting.

3. Waste Reduction

We remove and properly dispose of any waste or detectable bio-matter.

4. Forensic Cleaning

Detailed manual wiping and scrubbing of all surfaces

5. Post Site Assessment for Quality Control

We conduct a post-disinfection visual inspection.


Extra attention to high touch areas in your space!!

Using hospital-grade disinfectants, we will carefully clean and sanitise high traffic touch points to deal with any virus and bacteria. Day and Night cleans are available which can be scheduled at a frequency chosen by you.

Services Include:

  • High traffic touchpoint sanitising
  • Deep cleaning of desks and computers
  • Sanitising, keyboards, chairs, screens and ipads
  • High dusting
  • Detailed deep clean of washrooms & kitchen
  • Cleaning internal & external windows
  • Cleaning internal glass partitions & glass doors
  • Scrub washrooms & kitchen floors
  • Carpet steam cleaning
  • Internal fridge clean

Other items we can supply:

  • Hands free hand sanitiser stations
  • 5Lt Bulk hand sanitiser bottles
  • Disinfectant Wipes


Environmental cleaning and disinfection are vital to preventing the spread of infection in the healthcare environment. Coronaviruses can persist on surfaces but can be effectively disabled by appropriate cleaning and disinfection.

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